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Ok its good in impact at first look however her head is a bit small for the size of the body the pose of the body is different for the pose to work and flow better the lower and upper back need to correspond with each other it looks close but the back seems too short and make upper and lower backs non- corresponding with each other making it a bit longer may fix that but not too much or you;ll have it out of proportion with the rest of the body the face is great for anime as for realism its the eyes that make it fail with you have already stated lack of detail in the arms,chest area looks like they blend in to each other and neck needs some work making it look cut off the lower half of the body is not bad your shading is good but the shading is lost in the back because the back line is bold and dose not blend into the back use shading to define the back line would help but all in all its not bad its a fair first run at attempting realism of a severed body I for see great work in the future you have great vision and skill as you learn new and better techniques you'll be able to easily do pieces like this with very little flaws and in every piece we do there will be little flaws that we as the artist only ever notice so keep up the good work keep trying new things
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Gokai-Chibi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you! I will definitely keep in mind what you said. Sorry it took so long to reply when I first got the critique I was tired and having trouble reading it to the end.
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